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Well, I reinstalled my backup kotor 2 file and remodded with only the textures from Xarwarrs to trouble shoot. The 2011 files that required the Xnview program to flip and convert (for peragus and ebon hawk) seemed to work fine but when I get to Telos some of the flooring is nice looking and soon of the textures like the floors, walls, crates and doors near the merchant area by the cantina are bare without texture. I was wondering if perhaps this is how it is supposed to look but its pretty ugly and nothing like the rest of the mods textures. It made me worry about what the other mods might look like for other worlds and ive been working on this game for three days now. I'm about to scrap the project soon since it seems many of the best kotor 2 mods are not compatible with each other. I will try out the 2013 mods, thank you.

Is there any known conflict between texture mods and the main kotor 2 mods like jedi temple, m4-78 and TSLRCM? (i do not have TSLRCM installed, I went with M4-78 btw)

My main mods are:
Jedi Temple
Comp Patch for Jedi Temp + M4-78
Ultimate light saber mod
Comp Patch for USM + M4-78
Force Fashion II
Mandalorian Knights Armor mod
Various others like skill ups and movement/visual enhancements

Edit: Tried the 2013 Telos textures and they seem to work just fine on the areas that were bare in the 2012 mod, thanks again. I'll give the 2013 textures a full install and run through. =)

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