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I agree with everything you say about what needs to change in the GOP, get the batsh!t crazy people out. There is such a thing as being too far right, the ultra right wing are boarderline fascists just as the ultra left wing are boarderline socialists. Yes fascism and socialism are 2 different political views. Until the GOP embraces the ideals of the party of Lincoln, T.R. and Ike they will continue to slip into the history of our country.I have heard all about the GOP before Nixon. What happened to the party that embraced the building of our infrastructure, or the trust busters that they were before the 1920's? Ike in the 1950's who believed in the idea of the rich sacrificing more money to the betterment of our country as a whole. I am an old school republican who has been pushed out by the ideas of the party. I am a fiscal conservative who actually embraces true fiscal responsibility. It is possible to keep a strong military but do we really need to be the policeman of the world and spend twice as much as the rest of the world combined?
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