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1) The thing about immigration reform is we DO support reform, but not amnesty. Granted it would win us a large majority of hispanics to do so, it just loses those of us in border states. For getting elected, it might be a good idea though.

2) As a more moderate Republican, I know exactly where we went wrong on the Obamacare issue. We should have offered a better alternative. People get a bit scared when you talk about getting rid of something like that. But you need to have some form of health care reform, because the prior system was not working.

3) Yep. Abortion should be off the Republican platform. Or if it remains, move more towards regulation to make it safer and more consistent.

4) As I said, get outta people's bedrooms. Those that are heterosexual(outside the extremes) could care less about gays. It's not an issue that they think about. Those that are gay, it's a pretty big issue.

5) My point on the war on drugs is that it's working it from the wrong angle. Rather than trying to cut the heads off the hydra, simply treat the people who have the addiction. regulate and tax the ever lovin poop outta recreational pharmaceuticals like we do with ciggies and booze. Gives people the opportunity to enjoy themselves, adds to the revenue, cuts spending(by BILLIONS). If nothing else stop prosecuting specific drugs like pot.

6) Sadly, I know. Probably better than you do. It's probably going to take getting the african american population to actually listen to Republicans first before we can get even a chance of bringing them to our side. That wouldn't happen with a rich white guy candidate going against a black president. So this time there was almost zero chance of winning them this time.

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