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My five point plan:

1.) Keep abortion legal. I don't believe abortion should be made illegal. This would be very inconvenient for the women who are raped and those with SERIOUS health concerns. One senator (can't remember for the life of me) even went as far as to say: "Being impregnated, no matter which method in which it occurs, is god's will." Another more unusual comment, in my opinion, was: "The body of a woman has the ability to keep the sperm from creating an infant once it enters the body" which is why i believe he lost his senator position in one of the states in one of the Michigan/Cleveland/Indiana/Illinois areas. I feel that the woman should make her own decision, and then live with the consequences no matter what they may be.

2.) Tell Bill O'Reilly to stop calling the whites in America now the minority. I know that the Republican party holds no REAL power over the Fox News Network (which is a republican station), but America is still two-thirds white (66%), so they could ask him to tone it down.

3.) Bring production back to America along with energy independence, and stop exporting jobs to China and other places. Governor Romney is a big fan of this, though he denies it.

4.) Reconsider beliefs on the right to bear arms without registration (do I have to list the reasons and consequences?).

5.) Keep gay marriage legal. Most versions of the bible state that gay marriage is intolerable/wrong/etc. Romney wanted to make gay marriage illegal. I don't know about what others here think, but it sounds to me like he's trying to impose his religion on the country, whether he is doing it on purpose or not.

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