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For my perspective, the reason I would not limit abortion only to rape is to prevent people from feeling like they have to cry rape to get an abortion. It's also to prevent someone who may have been traumatized from having to explain it to cops. Sure, a woman who is raped should report it immediately, but sometimes they hurt too much. Another thing is that some men actually use pregnancy to tie down their women. Keeping them barefoot and pregnant blah blah woof woof.

mur'phon: This is a wish list essentially. It's not like it's going to affect policy, or really change the party, so feel free to point out what you would have the Republican party strive for.

As for the immigration reform, I actually kinda like the DREAM act. BUT I did not like that it was back doored in. Right when AZ wins the right to check people's citizenship, Obama fired that off... But I'm a little close to that issue. It's also why my land down near the border is essentially a biological hazard. Thanks to the president several more illegal border crossers died in the southern AZ desert. (as I said, I'm a little too close to the issue)

Originally Posted by thejman217 View Post
How would bringing back production to the U.S. (giving back jobs to the laid off Americans) and making us energy independent (giving back even more jobs) hurt the average American. I'm no politician, but how would it harm us?
Um... shipping jobs overseas was AFTER Romney left Bain. Or are you talking about the external company that moved the phone bank overseas...(source) You might want to be a bit more specific.... But really sending jobs overseas or not is NOT the job of the president. You can provide incentives, tax breaks, write offs, or even grants to businesses that hire within the US, but then that would be "Giving money to the wealthiest 1%"

OR you could up the spending and spend a boatload more cash on weapons development which must be done within the US by US citizens to prevent foreign persons from getting the designs to your latest military hardware... I mean it's not like we're worried about a budget crisis or anything.

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." Thomas Jefferson

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