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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Um... shipping jobs overseas was AFTER Romney left Bain. Or are you talking about the external company that moved the phone bank overseas...(source)
There is a video out there on the internets when Mitt was at Bain talking about how they moved production to China to make more money for his shareholders

Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
Because the tools for doing so tend to hurt the average american. Take the "moving jobs back part". If politicians put a massive toll on foreign goods to bring back production, that'll A:make those goods way more expensive, hurting the average american and B: make the rest of the world retaliate by putting a massive toll on american goods, killing exports. Same applies to most conventional ways of getting jobs back/energy independence.
Our exports already have huge tariffs on them going to countries that we have free trade agreements with, why do you think Jeep is moving their production for the Chinese market to China? Most of the free trade agreements that this country has only work 1 way, what we need are fair trade agreements then products coming into this country from others will have tariffs just like our products going elsewhere. We have a $41.5 billion export deficit according to the US census stats, which means we bring 41.5 billion dollars more worth of goods into this country than goes out to the rest of the world. That is huge. A good reason to bring alot of domestic production back to the states is this: What if China all of a sudden decides it doesn't need to deal with us anymore and calls in the $1.4 trillion in debt it owns of ours and shuts us off on goods being imported by us? This is a national security issue as well. If we ever end up in a world war again we are totaly screwed most of the factories that would be needed for us to build everything we would need no longer exist, we are not the powerhouse in manufacturing we once were.

(source) Here is an article from a very conservative magazine called Forbes about the income inequality in this country and how it is damaging us.

(source A chart showing tax rates on the wealthiest Americans from 1945 to 2009.

(source CEO pay growth from 1966 to 2009

(source union membership 1930 to 2010

(source article from Bloomberg about income gap

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