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I thought this was a rather civil discussion. We asked for a rather important detail.

The point was, some of what you ask for is out of the party's hands. Or even to a degree are what the party wanted(Bringing overseas jobs back home was IN this year's platform), and it didn't help because people like yourself believe the party was for the opposite(not an accusation, just an observation). Perhaps Romney saying it in every stump speech wasn't enough. But I think the message wasn't powerful enough in people's minds.

At any rate, I was pointing out to you that while it sounds nice to say all that, the president really has little to do with it(might be why he failed as well). Here's what he can do. Make suggestions to Congress who will either listen to him, or ignore him. That's as far as he is able to go for the creation of a bill. There's a huge disconnect about HOW to bring those jobs back.

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