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Ackbar Medbay

When you wake up You'd better appreciate the fact that I didn't throw you in one of the bacta tanks.

Tariq had come in after sending the Dark Jedi away. He took one look at the ground where the LT was lying on the ground. He looked at the CMO and asked, "He overdid it again?"


There's someone else here to. He's wearing a black robe...but he looks like hes mad.

Jun-la felt for the child. She could sense her fear and she wished she could just brush it away. She sent back, Don't worry little one. We're on our way. Can you hide?

I think this just became much more difficult. I think there are dark jedi aboard the station. They must have beat us here somehow.

Jun-la looked around and reached out with her senses. She could sense the Dark Jedi on board. She nodded, "You're right. I sense them too."

...And I think Valek just ran into one of them.

Jun-la pulled out her lightsaber and held it in her hand, ready to ignite it when she needed it to. She replied, "Let's give him a hand. Any we come across, let's take together unless the numbers say otherwise. Ready?"

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