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Ackbar Medbay

"He overdid it again?"

The CMO nodded. "It's a good thing he gave it as much as he did. The Admiral's injuries were very severe and since the medbay is in the shape it's in we're lucky he was here."

Admiral Belina was trying to sit upright on her bed despite the protests of the nurse who was attending her.

"Admiral, please listen to me. You were badly injured and even though your stabilized it's going to take time for you to fully recover. The Ackbar is in rough shape right now and our medbay is in especally bad shape. You and Onashi are being transported to the medbay aboard the Death's Head.

"Grand Admiral Velerc is here?"

"Yes Admiral. I'm sorry to say that we lost quite a few ships from what I've heard from the various crewmen who have been through here. I can connect you to Admiral Garja is you need to get a status report but after that I must insist that you rest."

"Fine." Belina grumbled as the nurse opened a comnline to the bridge. "Garja. This is Belina, I want a status report."

"Admiral! It's good to hear your voice. But your not going to be happy with what I have to tell you. The majority of the Strike Force we brought with us was badly damaged or destroyed. Admiral Velerc managed to arrive just in time to save us and as we speak he is dispatching boarding shuttles to the remaining sith ships. He managed to get them to surrender when he arrived."

"How many ships in the sith fleet are left?

"Seven, most of them are medium cruisers but there are two warships as well."

"The nurse I'm with told me I'm being transfered to the Death's Head so I'll be speaking with the Grand Admiral soon enough. How much did damage did the Ackbar suffer?"

"The Ackbar suffered heavy damage. I have repair crews doing what they can but we may need repairs at a repair facility to repair everything."

"Good work Garja. Do what you can and I'll meet with you once I'm able to. Belina out."

Belina sighed and looked at the nurse. "Alright. A deal is a deal. Time to head on over to the Death's Head.


Don't worry little one. We're on our way. Can you hide?

The Cathar tried to sink back into the shadows of the cell she was in but she knew the shadows wouldn't protect her.

No...they have me locked up. The child looked up for a moment. I can feel other people getting closer to me. Is it you and your friends that I'm feeling?

"Let's give him a hand. Any we come across, let's take together unless the numbers say otherwise. Ready?"

Xandros nodded and reignited his lightsaber. "I'm always ready."


I can feel you...Don't worry, I'm on my way. Varith sent through the force as he made small course corrections to the controls. They were small enough that he wouldn't have to drop out of hyperspace and risk another sith ship catching his ship on their sensors.

Estimated time to destination: Seven minutes

I'm on my not be afraid.
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