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I haven’t posted in Kavar’s in a non-moderator way in almost a year, but this is one topic that semi-interests me. However, I am not here to debate or discuss, you have your opinions and I am not here to convince you that you are right or wrong. I also care less about equal time or if my example of something shows bias...In other words I don’t care what you think about me, you do not know me.

These first few mainly go to both parties let’s face it neither party has a juggernaut hold on the electorate. Obama got 61,300,988 votes to Romney’s 58,228,478the country is divided. It swings back and forth with every election. This election I was really proud about the turn out, but when you look at the reasons for the turnout then the elation I feel for the turn out goes away quickly. I don’t pretend to know everyone’s motivation, but it is clear that some voted just to get rid of President Obama and would have voted for anyone to get the President out of office. It was also clear that some that were not overly happy with the President, still voted and contributed money to him just because of the extent some went to make his term a failure. We went through a downgrade in our credit for no other reason than to make the President a failure. Leadership in Congress implies that the President does not respect their equal power, yet wants to blame the President for their own failures. Americans are not that stupid.

1. Both sides need to quit the blame game and focus on their plans to make thing better. Quit saying stupid thing. No, Bush is not to blame for everything wrong with the economy now, but without the financial meltdown we wouldn’t have to dig ourselves out of the biggest hole since the Great Depression. The President isn’t total to blame either, had Congress done their job we would not have had our credit status downgraded which caused a further slow down to our economy.

2. Compromise is not a dirty word. Politicians are not there to line their own pockets or to let their petty power hungry pride cloud their duty. They are there to do the people’s business. Just because Speaker Boehner or President Obama are for something does not mean the other side has to be automatically against it. There is a middle ground and that is where national elections are won and lost. Even in a state like Texas where anyone with an R next to their name will win a statewide election Obama sill got 41.4% of the vote. This isn’t the Red and Blue states of America; this is the United States of America, so both sides need to act like it.

3. Quit making your only augment that anyone that disagrees with you is stupid, lazy, racist, communist, redneck, socialist, fascist, or on welfare… Quit saying anyone on the opposite side does not love their county. People can passionately love their county and want what they think is best for it, but have completely different ideas what that is.

Quit turning blind eyes to your sides’ extremist and quit making huge generalizations to support your side. Not all Republican are racist (some are and some democrats are too), Not all liberals hate their country (some do, but so do some conservatives do too). When someone from your party says something inheritably stupid and offensive, don’t defend them if you disagree, speak out how that is untrue. Don’t wait three days for the polls to tell you the people are unhappy with what he/she said to distance yourself and your party from the stupidity. It makes it look like you did agree with the statement and only moving now because the polls say you have to.

4. This is not a sporting event…Just because you win does not mean the American people win, sometime you are winning and the only losers are the American people.

5. When negotiating, negotiate honestly. This country is in deep and this is because of both parties. Everything must be on the table. When the liberals come in saying that Medicare is off the table, or the Republican come in saying defense is off the table they are both just being stupid. The only 2 things that should be off the table is Social Security because that isn’t the government’s money, but the people that paid into its money and veteran/soldiers benefits. These people kept their promise to us, we must keep our promises to them. Other defense spending should be on the table as should all entitlements.

Sure I could come up with more, like quit being hypocrites. Both parties do it and I am thinking of where they state something is a core belief, but then turn around and their biggest platform issue states just the opposite. Tommycat even used the Republican example in his list.

Enough...maybe I can wait another year before I post again.

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