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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Just for clarification.
Yes... Was mainly thinking about telling women what to do.

However I will site a more personal one that applies to both parties which is also more personal to me as strongly support the freedom of speech. I also do not believe the flag should be burned in protest. I would never do it no matter what the government is. To me the flag does not represent the government of the United States, it represent all its people and it especially represents those that have fought, struggled and died to help this country preserver. However I have seen these some democrats and republicans that tout freedom of speech making this country great, propose supporting an amendment to outlaw flag burning. So as much as I respect the flag and everything it stands for including our freedom of speech, I would fight and die to defend those idiots that want to burn the flag while exercising their freedom of speech. The flag is merely a symbol of our freedom, the burning the flag as sickening as that is to me, is actually showing more respect to those that have fought, struggled and died to give them that freedom.

The thing about freedom is when you give people freedom they may choice to use that freedom in different ways. However, if they do not have that choice, then they really don't have the freedom.

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