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I got into the Republic Commando and Imperial Commando books by Karen Traviss. They are definitely worth reading. They are off in their own story line, and not much goes with the rest of the star wars universe except some of the locations and a few characters.

Fatal Alliance from the Old Republic wasn't worth reading to me. It wasn't really my style, but someone else might have liked it.

Revan was definitely a good one. Good story and some parts give you a back story on some of the events of Knights of the Old Republic games. I'm not much into MMOs and games like that, so i didn't have much of the story line from those games when i started Revan, but i think i had enough of a handle on it to figure out where everything was coming from.

Darth Plagueis was a good one too. Not so much for lightsaber battles and things like that, it was more of a story about how Palpatine got to where he ended up in The Phantom Menace. Lots of things about political movements and stuff, but had assassination attempts and Gangster deals to keep you very interested.

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