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Originally Posted by JCarter426 View Post
Well, I've been working on a film project for a few years now. Mostly I've used AniCam, but GLIntercept is quite handy for being in real time. The movement is a lot smoother in conjunction with a gamepad.
JC, I didn't want to skew any creativity when working on my Episode IV, but now that it's finished, I decided to finally check out your Peragus clips. You've got some real skill my man and I'm really looking forward to your project. Re-creating the Peragus events from the holovids is brilliant. I actually pondered something similar when considering my own version for my film, but after seeing your clips, I'm glad I didn't go in that direction since you'd have put mine to shame! I assume AniCam is how you accomplished some of the great camera work. I played around with it some but could never get the hang of it, definitely not in the same way you've seemed to have mastered it. I'm hoping to use GLI now to give my next two movies some more flavor. Anyway, just thought I'd share. Really digging GLI, so once again, great find Xarwarz!
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