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Hehehe 'noob proof" Ive never heard conjuction of these two words together. I must admit that its very catchy .

Ive changed all of the NPC DISMPROB TO 100 and it works very well, but ive noticed that it isnt so spectacular as the "g_sabermorerealistic 2" or 3. Mainly becouse you cant cut off more than one limb, and with g_sabermorerealistic 2 or 3 you can cut of so many limbs as you want, but i rather not to use "g_sabermorerealistic 2" or 3, becouse its makes the saber much more stronger, and the game becomes too much easy. Soo is there a way to have a spectacular dismemberment as in "g_sabermorerealistic 2" or 3, but without enhancing lightsaber damage??
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