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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Star wars knights of the old republic: chapter 2 rescue over naboo

Post TSL: Naboo is next to be attacked

I originall posted the reply in Lett, which reads as follows:
Aš nežinau, kaip gerai, ar vertimas yra čia, aš naudoju vertėjas, pridedamas prie tinklalapį, pavadintą partija, kuri turi funkciją kaip jo dalis siūlomų įrankių juostoje.

Aš einu, kad galėtumėte tai tiesiogiai į mano kitą peržiūrą vietoje, todėl jūs bent jau galimybę suprasti savo kritiką, aš nematau reali problema su savo darbo už tai, kad jūs, atrodo, kad kai kurie, bet ne suvokti daug anglų kalba. Aš siūlyčiau, kad jūs paprašykite kitų rašytojų beta skaitytojas siūlų, sklandžiai. Tai nėra kritika savo kalbos įgūdžius, be šios programos aš net ne bandyti rašyti sakinį Lett.

Aš norėčiau pasiūlyti padaryti tai už jus, tačiau jei aš beta skaityti ir ją ištaisyti, aš nesu pasiruošęs jį peržiūrėti vėliau

Unsure how it translated, I took that and fed it back into the matrix, and it read:

I do not know how good the translation is here, I use a translator attached to a website called Party, which has a feature offered as part of the toolbar.

I am going to post it directly to my next show on the spot, so you at least have the opportunity to understand your criticism, I do not see a real problem with your work for you, it seems that some, but not understand much English. I would suggest that you ask other writers beta reader thread smoothly. This is not a criticism of their language skills, in addition to this program, I would not even try to write a sentence Lett.

I would like to offer to do it for you, but if I'm beta reading and to correct it, I'm not ready to review it later.

On the whole, close, but no hand grenade. What I was trying to say, as you would all know; the author is doing a lot of spelling sounding out words, meaning little or no English skills, that there is a definite need for a beta reader, but not me.


Kotorfanmedia is down for the second full week, so we're getting all fanfiction, all the time until further notice.

As an aside, I have things published at not only Lucasforums, but kotorfanmedia and at fanfiction as well. One of them is my own work Wrath of the Witch Maiden based in David Weber's 'Honor Harrington' series. Usually, I check the hits near the end of a month, but the numbers on that story at fanfiction made a sudden jump, and I checked it.

I have had half as many hits on the work in the first nine days of this month as I have in the ten full months before (try 1700). If this is any indication, this month will surpass the total number previous by the end of the month. As the author, I love it.

Angsty Fudge

TSL on Nar Shaddaa: She can't explain what she feels, and it's really irritating

leacherously is spelled lecherously.

The piece is just a snippet of emotional turmoil. The Exile can;t deal with her jealous rage, and Atton is clueless as to why she's mad.

The Battle of Dxun
Guardian Mikey

Mandalorian wars above Dxun: A warrior faces his first battle

The primary negative I had with this is having both Atton and Carth not only in the same infantry unit, but at the same rank. Carth is always described as bing in his thirties, whereas Atton is only in his late twenties during TSL. Also, most militaries have a distinct split between ground pounders and fleet, so having Carth as an infantry private here, but be a respected pilot in KOTOR doesn't really gel.

Spring Cleaning

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: Someone has to deal with this mess...

Technical note, things like rooms and hallways are called compartments and passageways aboard a ship. As one writer said, the instant one group of men decided to become sailors, they immediately renamed everything to make those landlubbers worry. Check out; Lucasforums> Coruscant Entertainment Center>The Resource Center>Ship nomenclature, or; It's not a door, it's a hatch blast it! To get what I am pointing out.

The piece is short and kinda fun, though you don't see any real cleaning being done. The idea that Atton not only threatens to use a whip, but found a material that Mical was allergic to was a fun twist.

Aeryn Phoenix

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: The Exile talks with Bao Dur.

The piece is fun with a possible relationship growing between the pair. Her explanation about why the term reminds her of the past is offset when he uses it again anyway.

Listen to Teacher

TSL Aboard Ebon Hawk: A flying lesson

The piece has the simple feel of a man using proximity to both teach and indulge himself without going the extra step to be overbearing.

Joke' s On Me
Faelyn Leaf

TSL on Nar Shaddaa: Atton considers the confession he is about to make

The piece wanders back and forth between the thought that she would or would not forgive him. In his own mind, he is even considering using the way he used to be to convince her.

Shnickle Fritz

TSL aboard the Ebon Hawk: How do you deal with yourself changing?

The piece is short and cute. The idea that using nonsense words for curse words suggests that he is maturing is an old one. Atton play up to it when she accuses him of being Kreia in training.

Revan the Just, Revan the Damned
Faelyn Leaf

Pre-KOTOR: Malak watches as he loses his love to the dark side

The piece is poignant with loss and regret, wondering as happens in any failed relationship where it went wrong and how to perhaps fix it.


KOTOR after Leviathan: Can Carth reach out to her again?

Technical note; things like rooms and doors are called compartments and hatches aboard a ship. As one writer said, the instant one group of men decided to become sailors, they immediately renamed everything to make those landlubbers worry. Check out; Lucasforums> Coruscant Entertainment Center>The Resource Center>Ship nomenclature, or; It's not a door, it's a hatch blast it! To get what I am pointing out.

The piece is deep and dark, but it begins to lighten as Jolee sticks his foot into the mix. Convincing Carth was bad enough, but his heavy handed cupid bit really makes it choice.

Pick of the Week


During ANH: A team of Stormtroopers wander Tatooine

The piece is pretty much a minor slice of life. Wander around aimlessly, kill a few locals, ho hum.

Echoes of Shadow

Post KOTOR: A ghost from her past forces Revan to leave

The piece is excellent in delivering a foreboding to the character. The idea that Kreia is still linked to her old student perfectly believable.

Knights of the Old Republic
Darth William

KOTOR intro: Basic intro to the game

Pretty much that says it all.

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