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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
I have been away a long time, but I am pretty sure I played ME3MP with TOTENK0PF last night (?) and saw his post here, so I had to contribute a mindless add-on.
Actually, don't do MP anything. Haven't even gotten TOR b/c of that (though w/F2P I might reconsider it in near future).

@TC--Well, as regards the war on drugs, it seems the Libretarians are the only ones I've seen seriously call for an end to that (maybe members of both of the other parties, but not so much the parties themselves). Re abortion, it seemed to me that Krauthammer was mostly allowing for rape/incest (hence the moron comment), but not abortion on demand (statistically 95%+ of all cases). In cases where it comes do to the health of the mother (ie only one party can be saved), it should be up to her. Some mothers have made that sacrifice. As to gay marriage, it should not be decided by judges, but rather by referendum (at the very least it'd likely be legal in the "blue" states in the not too distant future) as has been the case most recently.

War on drugs, though, is kind of tricky. Lots of money interests involved (govt, cartels, prisons, etc..). Don't think much of marijuana use personally, but the jails really shouldn't be full of small time users, there are better ways to handle that. However, should we go the route of legalization for all types of drugs, I say we throw he book at them like we do drunk drivers when they fall afoul of the law and not let their usage be an excuse.

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