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Can't download mods from jkofilefront file not found

Hey everyone !!! can someone help me with one small problem please !!! does anyone has a copy of these mods

Sith lagacy ll skin pack for jko mp
Kyle jedi stealth gear mod
Camo jan skin
Darth Vader to desann
Kyle's stormtroopers armor
Mace windu lightsaber hilt mod
Clone wars saber sounds mod for jko
Clones skin pack for jko mp
Anakins hilt mod for jko
Count dooku/Lord Tyranus skin for jko

l having trouble by downloading them from game front when l try to download them a weird bug appears file not found l don't understand it l tryed several times by clicking on the download section but nothing still file not found please can someone send me a copy of these mods and can someone tell me what's happening to gamefront

P.s l'm having this problem all day please l can someone send me a copy of these mods

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