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((I think the next post by Belina should be aboard the Death's Head. I'd like to have a little chat between the Admiral and Grand Admiral Velerc.))

Ackbar Medbay

"Ma'am, the LT will be glad to see you all right... once he wakes up."

Belina smiled. "I'm looking forward to talking to him when he wakes up. I want him to let me know what happened on the ground after I was knocked out." She turned to look at the nurse who was tapping her feet against the deck.

"I would prefer if you came with us aboard the Death's Head. Just in case we run into trouble. We're going to be leaving soon."

The CMO shook her head as she directed the nurses to move Tavaryn and the Admiral out of the room. "Your leaving now. I expect we'll have the medbay repaired in a few days.

Belina muttered something under her breath as they took her out into the corridors. "I think Onashi is right about her."

"So you decided to surrender? I thought your kind prefer death."

The sith chuckled. "Not all of us will fight to the death. I much prefer living instead of death by blaster or lightsaber. If I had continued fighting, there is no chance I would have survived."


Yes little one. One of them is ours. His name is Valek. We are coming. Don't be afraid.

The child nodded her head and continued to watch the group assembled in front of her. One of the Dark Jedi was looking directly at her.

"Do you have any ideas?"

"I was thinking that we could try and take them by surprise or we could try and knock them out with grenades."

Xandros opened his vest and he smiled as he reached for one of the small number of grenades that he had. "I think either a concussion grenade or a flash grenade will do the trick."

Sith shuttle

Varith watched through the viewports as the stars returned to their normal state. He could feel his daughter aboard the station in front of them and fora a brief second he could feel the presence of something familiar on the station...but he dismissed it.

His eyes widened in alarm as what looked like a light freighter seemingly appeared out of nowhere and he almost hit it.

There is a presence aboard that freighter...something familiar.
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