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Originally Posted by edlib View Post
It's all hot air. Nothing will ever come of it.

Basically, it's a group of sore losers publicly expressing outrage that they lost, and trying to be on record as saying: "Well... He's not MY President!!!"

Interesting show of Patriotism and love of the Constitution, this. America: Love it and leave it?
No, I disagree. If anything, it's expressing a desire for the principles that resulted in the Constitution being the way it is - those of a federal government with extremely limited, specifically enumerated powers. The powers that the federal government has taken to itself, the rights of citizens that have been violated, and the ludicrous debt that has been accumulated since that time is exactly what the founding fathers were trying to avoid. The Constitution came about because we needed a federal government that could accomplish certain things, but there was a lot of opposition to it, and in some states it barely passed. It wouldn't have passed at all without the amendments made to it that limited the power of the federal government even further. This isn't people being sore losers or racists - it's people expressing frustration with the direction of the country.
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