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There are better and far more constructive ways of voicing dissent than talk of destroying the country. "I love the United States Of America so much I'd MUCH rather completely destroy it and everything it stands for than rationally try to fix the things I see as problems!"

Basically, that's like committing bodily dismemberment on someone you love because they have a psychological problem.

It doesn't solve any problems... and only would serve to create a whole host of new, unforeseen ones.

The missing element is rationality. There hasn't been a rational discussion and national debate about the direction the country really should be heading in since I have conscious memory. Just a lot of shouting and slander being thrown around, with each sides most extreme elements digging in and entrenching their positions and little deeper. And refusing ANY and ALL compromise that might make each side walk away a bit humbled.

There are civil methods to go about solving issues with the government. It might take a lot of work, and many hours of personal involvement... more than just casting your vote every 4 years, then writing bitchy Facebook statuses and online petitions when the election doesn't go exactly your way.

As I wrote to many of my more conservative FB contacts this week: "If you really don't like the results of the election and the direction that the country is going in... what exactly are YOU personally doing to change it?"

There's obviously an almost equal amount of people who don't agree with the vision of future America as presented by the Republican party this time around... but dismantling the union to express your dislike with the election results doesn't make any sense.

If you want to change the country, you need to fix the obviously broken system. And you can't rely on anyone else to do it. Get started on some grassroots movement.

Otherwise, if you just tune back in to FOX and Rush and Drudge, and do nothing but whine online and wait for the next election to sweep your guys back into power... then it's all just sour grapes to me.

I'm not saying you, personally, are guilty of that Keyan... but I've been frustrated with the online kvetching I've been exposed to this time around. As far as I'm concerned, I thought the Romney Republican party did a TERRIBLE job of convincing anyone who wasn't already a partisan to vote that way, and I wasn't at all surprised the way the country went.

The President has been vilified by the right for well over 4 years now... and the same folks who in one breath expound on crazy crackpot manifestos about his origins that are obviously untrue loony conspiracy theories, then turn around and want the rest of us to believe them and take then seriously when they tell us how he is and will continue wrecking the country. It really shouldn't be that surprising to anyone that a lot of people rejected that line.

I personally thought it was a no-brainer to anyone who didn't want to see a potentially schizophrenic maybe moderate/ maybe EXTREME-right-winger president in office, and a controlling party that seemed to want to set back the social-issue clock to the turn of the 19th century.

But maybe that's just me... and another 50+% of the population of the country.

Of course: There was no exit poll to show how many votes for Obama were actually cast AGAINST Romney/ Ryan. I bet a lot of the swing-state voters weren't directly supporting Obama, as much as they were rejecting the other choice.

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