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Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
So I'm back on this game now, but I dont want to level up other characters like I did with my first character with doing all those side quests. I only want to do flashpoints, class quests, wzs(after lvl30), and if I have to, the main planet quests. What exp perks do I need to buy to do this without needing a ridiculous amount of flashpoint runs? I'm also half broke, hence why I'm asking before buying, so I would like to get as few as possible. If it helps, I'm planning on a run of an agent next.
I'm finding that the planet Heroics pay pretty well with both credits and xp. I'm not certain if you have to do all of the planet quests, but I've found some of the planet missions seem to have 'prerequisite' missions before they unlock. Slicing and Treasure Hunting seem to be the best credit gathering crew skills, and I send my companions out all the time to do those missions. Also, I've collected a fair amount of credits and xp doing space missions. Just need to upgrade the ship now and then.

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