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Very nice find. It appears such lines (the popup one) don't allow questupdates set in the dialog.

Fassa and Adana quest aren't done with updates in the dlg-file, but instead a script, hence the issue not presenting itself there.

I made a small fix, which will be part of TSLRCM 1.8.2.

Interesting, without you get;
You have escaped Peragus - you think you know enough of what transpired to put together most of the pieces that brought you to the facility.
But with, you probably are able to get;
Through a thorough search of Peragus, its remaining inhabitants, and its records, you have tracked down the entire sequence of events that led to your arrival on Peragus, and it has convinced you that the Force moves in bizarre ways. You were a passenger on board the Harbinger, on route to Telos, when the ship encountered a Sith warship and the Ebon Hawk, drifting in space, with no sign of a crew on either ship. The Ebon Hawk was taken on board, and during the search of the Sith vessel, stelathed Sith assassins made it on board the Harbinger, slowly taking over the ship.

During this time, you were noticed by the HK-50 protocol droid, drugged unconscious, and then hauled on board the damaged Ebon Hawk. The Ebon Hawk was fired upon as it was escaping, crippling it. It then drifted to Peragus, where the HK unit slowly took over the facility and murdered all the miners to prevent you from being sold.
Currently unachievable in the game.

Again; Nice find!
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