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"Nothing like using a Jedi Mind Trick, at least for a noble cause. Move out!"

Zarev turned to Per'dra and grinned as they headed into the Republic HQ. "I never would have thought of trying a mind trick. I guess sometimes the answer to a problem isn't as clear as we expect it to be."

"I'm ninety percent sure that no one will care if you run this guy through."
Zarev turned to look at Corsail and then quickly looked away. He was ashamed to think that for a moment...just for a moment he had honestly thouhgt about running the trooper through with his lightsaber.

No! I can't...think like this. I can't think these kind of thoughts.

"The long rage holocommunication device should be in the next room." He said as they walked through the base. He turned to look at Varik and Per'dra. "I need you two to keep an eye out for me while I contact Master Shan. There's no telling what might happen if we're overheard."

Zarev turned to look around the room and saw the device sitting on a desk. After looking at the controls for a moment he quickly keyed in a series of numbers.

"Grand Master Shan, this is Jedi Knight Zarev along with the rest of the Task Force. Please respond."

A hologram of the Grand Master appeared above the device. "This is Master Shan. Have you managed to stop Master Voleran?"

"No Master...But I think we have a bigger problem than Master Voleran." He quickly told the story of what he had heard from his Master and a grim look appeared on Master Shan's face.

"This is disturbing news and I will bring it to the Jedi council. But for now, stopping Master Voleran is a top priority. I will contact you with more information as we recieve it."

The hologram abruptly cut out as the device made an odd sound.

He turned to look at the others and shook his head. "Something is jamming the signal either here or at the other end. I can't tell."
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