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"I wouldn't be suprised at all if it was from our end, for every loyal soldier comes three more traitors."

Zarev sighed and tried to refrain from whacking Corsail over the head with something. "Corsail...these men fight and die for the Republic. I dare you to say that to a squad of them and see how they react."

"And why are we even here? Voleran already has a huge head start on us, if we don't get moving we'll loose him again."

The jedi was rapidly becoming angry with Corsail. Had he forgotten that Kif was still sitting in a speeder? Apparently he had.

"We are here because Kif is badly injured and requires medical attention. Or have you forgotten? If you have a problem with this mission feel free to take it up with me after Kif gets medical care!"

He turned to look at the group and pointed at Avriela. "Avriela, I want you to go and get Kif from the speeder and bring him to the medical bay. I'm trusting you to watch over him while we go after Voleran. Keep a close eye on the medical equipment and if anything goes wrong call one of the medical staff."

The former sith nodded and headed out towards the speeder.
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