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Valek parried another blow from the Dark Jedi, slashing at his leg with his vibrosword.

"What the hell is a Dark Jedi doing here?", Valek asked, dodging an overhand strike.

"Do you really think the Sith would trust a group of pirates to capture a force-sensitive child?", he shot back, knocking Valek's vibrosword out of his hands.

"Enough of this.", he muttered.

He lunged at Valek before he could ignite his lightsaber, but as he slashed at his chest, his lightsaber shorted out.

Damn cortosis., the Dark Jedi thought to himself.

Valek punched him in the face, followed by a series of quick jabs that kept him off-balance. Valek ignited his lightsaber, and as he was about to strike, the Dark Jedi grabbed his arm and twisted it, pulling at it to knock him to the ground. Pinning him on the ground with his knee, he wrenched the lightsaber from his grasp. Turning Valek over, he prepared to drive it into his neck.

He punched the lightsaber out of his hands, and used the distraction to move his body to kick him in the face. As he grabbed his lightsaber, the Dark Jedi landed a blow to his head, knocking him out.

Putting his own lightsaber back on his belt, the Dark Jedi rushed to the area where the child was.

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