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"Mind if I take a quick look around and try to figure out what's jamming the signal?"

"Go right ahead." Zarev said as he looked at the medical bay for a moment to see how advanced it was. It looked like it could handle Kif's injuries. "I don't like the fact that we've only been here for a few minutes and someone is already jamming us."

"And have you forgotten the reason Kif is in this condition is because one of our own crew?"

"I just don't think we should stay here too long, if Kif is going to have to stay for awhile we need to leave him here and continue the mission. We can alway pick him back up after they fix him up."

"I am not leaving Kif here alone. And you need to realize that it was not Varik who did this to Kif. It was a Sith Lord who had possession of his body. You need to get over it."

Avriela walked in gently carrying Kif's limp form. "I'll stay here with him while you deal with Voleran if you can catch up with him in time. I promise you, I'll guard him with my life if necessary."

She gently set Kif's body down on the medical bed and turned to Per'dra. "Can you help me hook him up to the equipment? I know how to treat lightsaber burns but I'm not sure how to hook him up to the monitors."
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