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Enroute to Shuttle

My crew and I put alot of work into this ship, and all it takes is one battle to nearly destroy all that we worked for.

Tavaryn frowned a bit and blinked as the lights and images came into focus. He found that he was staring at the ceiling and it was moving. It didn't take long for him to process that he was on a stretcher. He heard Belina and commented, "The Ackbar is tough. She won't go without a fight like some admirals I know."

Ackbar Brig

And yet here you are being interrogated. It doesn't add up.

Scatty looked at Komad. "I agree Master Jedi. Most Sith generally don't go for interrogation." She looked at the prisoner with a wary eye and held her weapon at the ready. The others were ready too with the exception of the sergeant since he was with the LT.

Ebon Hawk

Stop it at all costs!

Andros heard the comm and adjusted the ship to provide maximum firing range for the quadlasers. He knew it needed a soft and gentle touch on the adjustments and he knew the Hawk was sensitive on the gears. She liked things a certain way and could get temperamental if pushed the wrong way. "Making adjustments. Go easy on the lasers sis. Ebony here gets a bit temperamental."

I mean you no harm. All I wish is to do is dock with the station.

Andros heard the transmission and relayed, "Jedi Alriana halt fire. I got a transmission. The shuttle is waving the white flag."


Ready on your command.

Jun-la nodded. "Lob them now." She held her lightsaber at the ready with a finger on the activation. She started forward behind Xandros to provide cover and a slight element of surprise.

Over the comm she said, "Valek, we have more heading in your direction on your six. We're on our way."

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