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"The Ackbar is tough. She won't go without a fight like some admirals I know."

Belina turned to look at Tavaryn. "Glad to see that your awake Onashi. And just so you know, I'm starting to think I know why you dislike our esteemed CMO so much."

She grinned at Tavaryn. "You saved my life and that means that I owe you big time. "If theres anything I can do for you...or if there is there is a certain CMO that you might want transfered just let me know."

She smiled again just to let him know that last part was a joke.

Ackbar Brig

"I agree Master Jedi. Most Sith generally don't go for interrogation."

The sith sighed heavily a small smug smile appeared on his face. "And they say that we of the sith are paranoid...I will resist your interrogation with all my abilities and I will most likely succede. But to put it simply I don't wish to die at either the hands of the Imperials or the Sith Empire."

He looked at the assembled group. "Perhaps a show of good faith is in order: The sith who was working with me earlier has a minature tracking device implanted in his body. In the event that he failed to kill the Admiral it is set to active once it can no longer read any of his life signs."

"I also have a tracking device implanted in my body in my right leg but it has not been activated yet. If I were you, I would suggest either vaporizing his body or blocking the signal somehow."

The sith was about to say more when his eyes widened as a sharp pain shot through his body. The pain was coming from his right leg.

"No..." He whispered. He turned to the group. "It...appears that I underestimated my fellow sith." He said quietly as the pain continued to spread through his body. It was getting worse. "It looks as if they have been monitoring me through the tracker."

The sith suddenly shouted in pain and hit the floor with a thud. His body began shaking violently.

Ebon Hawk

"Jedi Alriana halt fire. I got a transmission. The shuttle is waving the white flag."

Alriana's eyes narrowed. "Very well, but I'm keeping a targeting lock on it at all times. I recognize the force signature of the one piloting it and I've had the displeasure of running into him before."

Sith Shuttle
Docking bay

Varith could feel hostile presences approaching him at the docking bay and he knew that they were going to do one of two things: Vent the docking bay and kill him by sucking the air out.

Or they would try the direct approach and simply try to blast him.

He ignited his lightsaber just as a group of pirates came around the corner and began blasting.

"Big mistake." He said as he began to deflect the bolts back at them and closed the distance between the pirates and himself.


"Lob them now."

Xandros threw the flash bangs and prepared to fight. It's been too long since I've fought a dark jedi. Hope I still have the skills. He thought as he heard a loud thud as something hit the floor.
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