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Well, this is a fun little update...

Jedi Council Contest
Since I've only received 2 entries, I will extend the deadline for the Jedi Council member contest to December 15th. The main reason behind this is because I was planning on multiple winners; this way, you still have a chance to get your entries in. See the above post if you've forgotten the details of the contest.

Announcement Time
Toward the start of this thread, I had said that I was going to do an official website for Echo of the Force. Recently, an opportunity presented itself in the form of a HTML class. As part of my class, we were told to make a website that we would develop through the course of the semester. Since we were given no limits on content, I decided to do EotF's site. Today, I'm showing off pictures from the mobile-friendly version.

Show spoiler

Once some further tweaking is done, I will open it to the public and announce the final URL. And before the question is asked, I will confirm that the desktop/tablet version looks similar to the above mobile layout; and, that is the only reason that I didn't show both versions. So, that's my fun little announcement for today.

More Coming Soon...

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