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"Certainly, Avriela." As a part of her Padawan studies, Per'dra had been given the choice by her former master, Yun Xiaolin, to specialize in certain areas of training over others. She had chosen two: combat and medicine. She was unskilled in the ways of espionage and machine repair, but her skill in the former two arts was almost unmatched among her peers. Thus, she nodded at the Twi'lek. "All of these various wires, tubes and medbay machines look intimidating, but they become as familiar as the back of your hand once you know how to use them." Carefully, she hooked Kif up to the equipment she had just mentioned. "There. That ought to do it, although I ought to double-check everything." With Avriela's help, she did, teaching her along the way. "Piece of cake! Now it's time to try and see what's jamming Grand Master Shan's signal."
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