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"I don't, but that's the reason I don't belong to their Order. We disagreed on some of the key points. I'm still good friends with some of them, but I tend to follow my own moral code."

Corsail nodded, "Thats what I thought, you took their training, then abandoned the jedi order."

You know, that thing looks more messed up than when I pushed it. Have you been banging on it? That tube shouldn't be falling out like that. Do you know what you're doing?"

Corsail felt insulted, he'd been flying his star ship for years and had done some pretty major repairs on it, for someone to assume that he didn't know what he was doing with a speeder angered him.

"Yeah, that happens when you drive a half broken speeder at top speed. And also, it's kind of hard to do repairs in total darkness." Just as the words left his mouth the engine completely blew out, sending sparks flying in different directions.

Corsail snapped his blasters out of thier holsters in a split second out of reflex, then quickly holstered them again after he realised what had happened. "You have got to be joking!" he crouched back down beside the speeder to take a look.

"Great, now I need a whole new engine for this thing."

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