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Default Game Textures' .TXIs

I recall someone saying once that we can't figure out what the .txi data is for the textures in the texture packs, right?

Well, out of curiosity, I hit the "Hex View" button with a texture selected. I got gibberish until I scrolled to the very bottom and saw something about proceduretype. So, I hit the "ANSI" button at the bottom of KT's hex viewer, and again scrolled to the bottom.

Voila! I saw all of the .txi info right there. A thing to note: the blending/proceduretype setting is at the end of the line that is immediately above the "clear text".

IIRC, this means you can extract the .tpc, Hex edit it(or edit it in ANSI), then throw it through an online .TGA converter, and have fun. I am not in a position to test this atm. If any wish to do so, please report their findings to a moderator so they can update this post.

I regret that I can't post screenies to show you, but unless someone else wants to obtain them, it'll be a few weeks at the least before I can upload them...
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