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Originally Posted by bunjeeman View Post
Okay, thanks. Now, about the scripting; is there anyone who I can get to help (i.e. Tell me what codes to use, how to type them, and not just for buffs (the only thread on here is for buff effects))?
I'm gonna give this to ya fast, and I won't be able to help for a little while.

You need to do everything you did for a buff power, except:

1.) "SWFP_HARMFUL = FALSE;" needs to be set to "TRUE".
2.) You need to specify a target other than yourself or a friendly person. My suggestion is to use the GetNearestCreature function(ask somebody for help if you have to).
3.) And don't forget to make the effects apply to the new target and temporary.

If you need any more help on this, since I won't be available for a little while, post your problems in Qui-Gon's Script Shack.
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