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Thanksgiving was eventful. This is the first year that I had to manage time between two families, mine and my girlfriend.

Yesterday was Round 1 with my parents. I was a bit nervous because of what happened in our relationship earlier this year, but my parents and sister got along with my gf wonderfully. Many embarassing stories about my youth were told. This, I've noticed with my sisters boyfriends, is only something they do when they like the signifigant other of their kids. So, yeah, it went smashingly well. Except for the whole Gluton-Free diet my GF has because of Celiacs Disease. She was able to eat the potatoes, devil'd eggs and cranberry sauce....

Today was her family, which is much larger and closer to Rochester. It was her father, step-mom, 2 step-sisters, uncle, aunt, 2 cousins, her grandma and grandpa. They made a Gluton-Free turkey (Which means using gluton-free stuffing and other stuff), and 90% of the food she was able to actually chow on, and it was SO GOOD. Her family loves me, so we all got along great. Her dad and step-mom gave us a CRAP ton of left overs so we're set for a week, at least.

And my GF made gluton free pumpkin cheesecakes. HOLY GOD. So... tastey....

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