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Author: Revan-sama.

Game: Star wars Knights of the old republic.

Character: LSM/DSM Revan, Malak, Bastila Shan, Meetra Surik (exile), Master Atris, Master Arren Kae, Master Kreia, Mical.

Possible future Pairing: LSM Revan x Bastila, Meetra Surik x Mical.

Summary: A world, a galaxy, an universe unstable and shaking because of an eternal war. The Jedi against the Sith. The light side against the dark side. Is there a possible way out of this cursed circle? Master Arren Kae saw too much of her Jedi friends becoming what they swore to fight until the very end. Was there no other alternative? Isn't there a way for everyone to express different arguments and live in peace? Is there no hope for the Republic? For democracy? Her answer came right after meeting the young promising Padawan of Master Kreia. Revan.
Please watch this other side of the story. The story of Revan.


This place is bound to change.
Like the seasons.
Like people.
Either for the better or for the worse.
I knew that fully well.

But somewhere inside my heart, part of me wished...
That this moment would last forever.
That HE would stay as the hero of the Jedi order forever.

Yes...I am aware of this.
Even if I win this fight...

"You can't win Revan!"

I knew my heart had lost.
No matter what would happen...

Chapter 2: Hoping and dreading.


She remember clearly, almost as if it was yesterday. Her father's gentle eyes and heartbroken smile when she was leaving to become a Jedi.

Her mother wasn't even looking at her...She probably was happy to send her off. It didn't matter if she kept yelling or crying that she didn't want to leave.

She was leaving home...and she couldn't do anything about it. At that time, Bastila Shan was five.

It took quite some time, to understand...but soon enough she began to adjust to this odd life. As a Jedi apprentice. She missed her father greatly, to the point of crying to sleep.
Later, she tried not to think about it. And tried to focus on her Jedi training.

It was a lonely life...even though a Jedi is never alone. Bastila had a hard time to believe that.

She didn't had much friends. Her studies came in first place. She didn't had the time or wanted to talk with the other apprentices. She had to think about her training.

The masters wouldn't stop to pressure her : "You're destined to be a great Jedi." or "You must train your battle meditation some more." She felt lectured like a child even thought she was a teenager.

She was in the main hall, returning to her room. Jedi students were talking with each others.

Usually she wouldn't listen to what they have to say, but something caught her attention:

"Hey have you heard about it? 'He' has gained the title of Jedi Knight!"

"Really? ! That's incredible! So young yet he is already a Knight. As excepted from the Jedi order prodigy."

The 'he' in question, was Revan. The Jedi prodigy. Bastila smiled to herself and thought : "He did it finally! Soon me too..."

It wasn't a secret for anyone. Revan was a Jedi admired and liked by many in the Jedi order. Bastila was one of them...even if she would deny it completely if asked about it.

It happened a few years ago...

The masters and the students were talking about two excellent apprentices.

But one of the two was really impressive. That is how she learned about Revan.

She never met any of the two, but she was really curious since the students were almost always talking about them.

She was walking outside the Jedi enclave and saw a group of apprentices staring at something. She went over there to see what it was. Apparently it was a senior padawan, challenging others with a saber.

Eventually the 'spectators' were chattering between themselves :

"Wow, he defeated three padawans at the same time! One of them was taught by Master Vrook."

"Yeah, but since the masters aren't there, he likes to show off his skills on the weaker apprentices."

Bastila frowned. Showing off his skills on the weaker apprentices? ! How dare he? !

She was torn between deciding either to talk to the masters about it or teach that...person (There is no emotion, there is peace) a lesson of humility.

But at some point the senior padawan challenged another one :

"Hey you!" He pointed his saber toward a young man with long black hair. He seemed older than least five years older than her. He was reading something on his Datapad and kept doing as if he hear nothing. But the senior padawan was still talking to him:

"I've heard your skills are quite remarkable! And that you are taught by master Arren Kae and master Kreia."

The young man still wasn't looking at the senior padawan, kept reading and said : "And what if I am?"

"Isn't it obvious? I want to test myself against one of the finest Padawan of the Jedi order."

This time, the young man turned around and stared at the senior's face.

"How about it? Revan?"

As soon as his name was said, everyone soon began to be more interested.

"Look! It's the prodigy."
"Will he defeat him?"
"But he fought three padawans at the same time. Even for a prodigy, there is no way..."

Bastila, herself was really surprised, he was quite like the rumour described him : Tall, charismatic, long black hair, light brown eyes, handso-...

At the last thought, Bastila's face became red like an apple then she shook her head.

What am I thinking? !

While ignoring her last reaction, she tried to focus on what was happening now. She was more curious about how he would handle this situation.

"..." Revan stared at the senior padawan with indifferent eyes. Until he finally answer :

"I never run away from a challenge..but I do have something to ask you first."

The senior Padawan seemed annoyed by this but nodded anyway.

"You...What are you trying to accomplish with this?" asked Revan.

The senior padawan just grinned and told him : "What you ask? The title of Jedi knight of course! If I prove the masters that I'm ready for tests, surly they will grand me the title."

Revan just listened to his explanation with a cold stare.

"I'm sick of those easy, padawan missions. I deserve better! I'm better than most of them. And if I defeat you now, They'll grant it to me faster!"

He took a fighting pose and said : "No more talking anymore! Let's fight!"

The senior padawan ran at full speed toward Revan.

"Watch out!" said a youngling to Revan.

As he was going to attack him, Revan was already behind him and give a small hit with his saber on the senior's head.

"If it was a lightsaber you would be already dead." the senior's eyes widen, turned around to attack Revan : "Don't underestimate m-!"

A hit on the stomach, the senior was down.

After the second round, It was over after one minute.

Bastila was amazed by his speed and accuracy. He wasn't just hitting everywhere.

His strength and agility were incredible, it almost felt as if he was dancing in the midair.

He was an excellent swordsman.

"I...I'm not done yet..." The senior still wanted to fight but Revan interrupted him.

"Is that all you can think about? What do you think a Jedi really is?"

The senior was confused and asked : "What...what do you mean?"

Revan sighed and explained : "I know your reasons of wanting to become a Jedi Knight...Your parents expected a lot about your training. However that's not what a Jedi is."

"For what purpose is that strength of yours? Of what use will it be, if you keep hurting the ones you must protect with it?" Asked Revan with kind eyes.

The senior's eyes widen as he realized what he was doing.

Fighting for more strength, challenging people weaker for your own gain...those weren't the way of a Jedi.

Bastila's eyes softened at Revan's speech. Those were the words of a true Jedi.

Without noticing it himself, Revan had motivated many padawans with his speech.

It felt like he could convince anyone in a good way.

"What is going on here?" After finishing their meditations, Master Vrook and master Vandar came to see what was all those noises.

Revan turned around to face the two masters and smiled : " He has fall down while training, I think he trained himself too hard."

Bastila's eyes widen, he wasn't going to tell anything about it?

Master Vrook was septic but Master Vandar believed Revan's story.

He helped the Senior Padawan to get up and leaded him toward the infirmary to give him a medipac.

The only one remaining was Bastila.

He...He is more kind than I thought.

One week later, because of Revan's speech the senior padawan decided to help those who needed more help with their training. He was a complete new person.

"All this because of Revan." she thought to herself in her room on her bed.

That is how she began to admire him...however, as she grew up and as she kept watching his progression at a certain distance...Bastila felt like she was more attached to him than before.

She felt like she wanted more than just admire him...more than just looking at him at distance. Her eyes sadden as she bite her lower lips.

She wanted to talk with him, walking side by side, training together, studying together. Like his best friend Malak or Meetra Surik.

Bastila frowned and felt angry at herself.

I shouldn't feel's not the Jedi way.



Between me and that person...

Even if I keep fighting against it...

I find myself wanting, hoping, dreading what I feel right now.


The more the difficulty, the more the glory.
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