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Originally Posted by ShinWalks View Post
Hmm, okay, I've tried adding custom resolutions for 640x480 with 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit color, but it still crashes (in fact, when I set the custom resolution to 8-bit color, it actually crashed at the Obsidian video instead of after it). I can set the refresh rate; I tried 60 Hz, but would something else be better for these .bik movies? There's another setting for "Timing Standards" with the options "GTF", "CVT", and "CVT-RB"; the default is "GTF." Should I mess with those? Should I mess with another setting for "Underscan Percentage"?

(Thank you for your feedback, this has been very helpful already!)
Given your desktop resolution, I think that you're a good candidate for the "high-quality" movie patch. Other than that, I'm not sure what else I can do to help. It certainly looks like you've installed the game correctly.
Originally Posted by boczektoszynka1 View Post
Hello, my problem is when i click new game it crashes. Kotor stop work... I tried many fixes etc. Help. Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, GTX560TI, Steam version
The Steam version should already be compatible with Windows 7. No compatibility fixes should be necessary, and could possibly bork your installation.

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