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Glad to see that your awake Onashi. And just so you know, I'm starting to think I know why you dislike our esteemed CMO so much.

Tavaryn gave a slight roll of his eyes as he stared upwards. His head was pounding and he was getting that antsy feeling. It was like when he sensed she was in trouble. He managed to reply, "I don't dislike her as a person. I dislike her beside manner."

If theres anything I can do for you...or if there is there is a certain CMO that you might want transfered just let me know.

Tavaryn gave a slight chuckle and closed his eyes in thought. He was worried about Alriana and while it was taken as a joke, his siblings took it seriously on a deeper level. They all knew what it was like to lose someone. His brother and sister had scanty memories of their mother and his brother had memories of their father. The rest came from stories. His worry for Alriana was also for the life that was growing inside of her. He replied, "Something I'd like to discuss when we're both on our feet and back to heckling each other."

Closing his eyes, he focused and reached out, Are you all right moi chroi?

Ackbar Brig

It looks as if they have been monitoring me through the tracker.

Scatty noticed the change and called into her comm, "This is Alpha 2-0 we have a medical emergency in the brig. Request immediate assistance over."

She turned to Komad and asked, "Is there anything you can do?"

Ebon Hawk

Very well, but I'm keeping a targeting lock on it at all times. I recognize the force signature of the one piloting it and I've had the displeasure of running into him before.

Andros raised his brow, "I could ask for details but I think that is an issue for another time."

He keyed into the comm and said, "Sith vessel, we will not fire."


Jun-la waited while Xandros lobbed the grenades. She ignited her blade when she felt a presence that was familiar. She had felt it back on Avalon and it had left its marks on a few individuals. Her breath hitched a bit as she held onto Xandros' shoulder. "It can't be. I thought he disappeared..."


It was easy to hide within the Force. Few could actually do it. It made it easy to track the child and he was surprised that Varith kept her hidden for so long. He also detected familiar presences nearby. It was a treat. "An old adversary has returned. How delightful."

((I decided to add a twist and bring back Tyrannus again since no one really killed him but he might be interested in a certain Jedi Tavaryn is fond of))

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