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No, they're both down in Southern Cali. Santa Clara/Silicon valley and Orange county (Basically somewhere in the clusterf*** that is LA). Only when I go down there to visit I might see. I live in rural El Dorado county, rather much closer to Sacramento. Wish they had one up here.

You're thinking of when I first discovered Fry's in San Diego (only to realize there's two near me in Sac). Just went xmas shopping there in Roseville actually.

Checked TD only 12 hours later for the 3570K--completely sold out of the individual part.

When debt meter cools off considerably, probably at least 4 months (3 if I luck out and snow decides to dump like crazy), I'll make another move.

Next to get 8GB of ram. The new board will accommodate up to 32GB.
Currently looking at frozenCPU and NCIX.US for cases and liquid cooling. Though now that you mention micro city, I'm adding that one to my checklist.

For now, I have a 355W PSU that will *probably* handle things okay for basic setup. Eventually a good power supply (quite possibly a 1000W to 1250W monster for the eventual add-ons).

Was looking at BenQ monitors, for their insanely fast refresh rates (second to NONE)--but not necessarily prettiest rendering.
I like the one that pivots 90 degrees either way to become vertical, but holy **** that's expensive! All of them in fact. So for the time being, I'll just go with something a bit more affordable when I can.
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