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OK, I thought you lived near a Micro Center. Never mind, then. $180's just about the best price you'll find online for a 3570K.

Memory: Look no further than this. There are cheaper kits out there, but this is the finest memory available. Don't let its rated speeds and timings fool you; mine is doing 1870MHz 9-9-9-24 1T @ 1.5v. With looser timings it can go much faster (2100MHz+). Other people with more modern motherboards have gotten that kind of performance on much lower voltage, but my older X58 board doesn't have incremental voltage settings under 1.5v. People are even getting the 1T command rate (which increases memory bandwidth by roughly 1/3) with 4 sticks, which was unheard of until this memory came along. An added bonus is that it's very low-profile. It doesn't even protrude above the clasps on the memory slots, so you won't have to worry about it getting in the way of any CPU heatsink that you're using, no matter how low it sits (though you may have to install the memory before you install the heatsink). It's just amazing stuff.

Speaking of CPU heatsinks, I noticed that you're looking into water cooling. Don't. There's still the very real danger of coolant leakage, which will instantly kill your computer, and the pump will wear out over time, meaning you'll have to buy a whole new unit when it does. The only thing that will wear out on a good air cooler is the fan, which is easily, and cheaply, replaceable. An air cooler will also provide additional airflow over your motherboard chipset, cooling it as well. Take the $50+ you were going to spend on water cooling and check out Thermalright's budget line of coolers. I recommend the True Spirit 140 (the budget version of the Thermalright Archon), but only if you get a case that's wide enough to fit it (it's very tall). Otherwise, go with the Macho. Both of those coolers (especially the True Spirit 140) are as good as mid- to high-grade water coolers (and much better than the cheap water coolers), without any of the caveats of water cooling. They are also very quiet. Even with a second fan and fan clips (which I recommend), either one is $55 shipped right now, and you won't find quieter, more effective CPU cooling at that price anywhere.

If you want a good cheap air heatsink, the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ is $15 after rebate at Newegg right now. It would be a suitable replacement for the Intel stock heatsink (which is crap) and is sufficient for mild overclocking. It's nowhere near in the same league as the Thermalrights that I linked to above, but it's a quality part.

As for power supplies, I wouldn't trust my hardware to "probably". Luckily, you won't have to spend $100, or even half that much, to get a quality PSU that will support an overclocked CPU and a high-end graphics card (or 2 mid-grade cards in SLI or X-Fire). This is my PSU. It's not modular, and it's kinda fugly, but it's a freaking beast. Best of all, I got it for $40 and I've seen it go for as little as $33.

As far as monitors go, why is refresh rate so important to you? Anything over 60Hz only matters if you're playing around with Nvidia's 3D gimmick, which, like all 3D, is highly overrated and not worth the extra cost. If you ask me, a monitor's panel type is far more important than its refresh rate. IPS panels have gotten so cheap that most people shouldn't even be considering crappy TN panels for any monitor up to 24". The advantage of IPS over TN is better color accuracy, and, more importantly (to me, at least), far better viewing angles. Don't like how most monitors wash out unless you're looking at them directly? Don't get a TN panel. I'd need to know your budget before I can make any recommendations, however.

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