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Death's Head Docking Bay
Resistance Shuttle

"I don't dislike her as a person. I dislike her beside manner."

Belina let out a chuckle. "And here I thought you didn't like her. Well, she wouldn't be aboard the Ackbar if she wasn't the best there is. I can talk to her about her bedside manners though."

"Something I'd like to discuss when we're both on our feet and back to heckling each other."

"You got it." Belina said as the shuttle landed in the Death's Head shuttle bay. She winced as the soothing lights of the shuttle were replaced by the lights from the shuttle bay as the back of the shuttle opened. She looked up and saw four men each of them wearing an imperial medic's uniform run into the shuttle.

Belina looked up again and saw an honor guard of stormtroopers forming up with Grand Admiral Velerc at the front.

The Grand Admiral looked at Tavaryn with an expression that Belina couldn't read on his face.

"I've been informed by the Ackbar what nearly happened to my daughter. I take it that you are the one who saved her from the sith assassins."

Belina looked at her father and silently prayed that he wasn't going to say something stupid.

The Grand Admiral extended his hand, inviting Tavaryn to shake it. "This incident...has gotten me thinking." He said as he looked over at Belina. "First off, Let me know if there is anything you ever need. You saved my daughter's life and I don't know how I can repay you."

He looked at Belina. "I would like to talk to you once you feel better."

Ackbar Medbay

"This is Alpha 2-0 we have a medical emergency in the brig. Request immediate assistance over."

Th CMO looked over a team that was about to be dispatched to the mess hall. "Scratch that, get the brig as quick as you can! Move!"

The three medical personal nodded and ran out the door towards the brig.

Docking Bay

Varith heard the message echoing through the docking bay just as he cut down the last of the pirate forces that had attacked him. He began to focus the force and reached out...and sensed a dark presence, much darker than the other sith.

This isn't good. he thought as another group of pirates came running around a corridor. Every second I spend fighting the pirates is another second that I could be using to get closer to my child. At this rate, I won't reach her in time.


"It can't be. I thought he disappeared..."

Xandros felt Jun-la's hands on his shoulder even as he himself felt a dark presence...a very dark presence. "I'm going to assume that you know who this is?" He asked quietly.

Ebon Hawk

Alriana was still tracking the sith shuttle with the gun turrents but hadn't fired yet. She was torn, on one hand she wanted to rescue this child, she could feel the fear.

But on the other hand...what if she was hurt aboard the station? What would Tavaryn say if she risked her life and their child's life?

Are you all right moi chroi?

I can't decide what to do...she sent back. I want to go aboard the station to help resuce this child...but at the same time I'm terrified that something might happen to our baby.
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