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Death's Head

You got it.

"Thanks," Tavaryn replied as he managed to sit up after wincing slightly from the headache. He seriously was going to have to work on his bending abilities and maybe take a few lessons from Komad Kaltas on Force techniques. If there was one thing he regretted, it was not being able to learn how to utilize the Force effectively.

For some odd reason, his mother didn't teach him except one thing. That was the ability to hide within the Force to the point where his presence couldn't be detected. The rest of his abilities were related to his bending abilities and the physical ones. He looked up at the admiral that was looking at him peculiarly.

I've been informed by the Ackbar what nearly happened to my daughter. I take it that you are the one who saved her from the sith assassins.

Tavaryn gave a nod as he slowly stretched his torso. "Just a bit of know how in medical matters, sir."

This incident...has gotten me thinking." He said as he looked over at Belina. "First off, Let me know if there is anything you ever need. You saved my daughter's life and I don't know how I can repay you.

Tavaryn saw the outstretched hand. It was rude to not accept and technically Admiral Velerc was a superior officer and he was enlisted... He reached out and took the proffered hand and shook it. He replied, "Just doing what I can for my CO, sir."

Tavaryn released the admiral's hand and sat up to stretch slightly. He had no idea why he was going on board the Death's Head since all he did was pass out. He completely ignored the fact that he had been buried alive on Dagobah. His thoughts were occupied mostly on Alriana and how she was. He trusted his niece to keep her safe and he had more faith in the family's bucket of bolts than the most state of the art starship.

I can't decide what to do...she sent back. I want to go aboard the station to help rescue this child...but at the same time I'm terrified that something might happen to our baby.

He sensed her apprehension. He was worried too. Even being on the ship posed risks and as much as he wanted to put her in a bubble for the rest of her pregnancy, he knew he couldn't do that. It would be trying to tame a wild animal that you admired for being what it was. He sent back, I know you want to help and I won't say no. You do what is right moi chroi. I can't ask you to be less than what you are.


I'm going to assume that you know who this is?

Jun-la nodded and replied, "He is an old enemy. A Sith who has the remarkable ability of staying alive. He was known as Tyrannus but I don't know if he goes by the same name. Tavaryn fought him and nearly lost his life trying to save Jedi Alriana."

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