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Death's Head
Enroute to Medical Bay

"Just doing what I can for my CO, sir."

The Grand Admiral nodded. "Still, I feel that someday I should return the favor. As I said, if there is anything that I can do to repay you, let me know."

The Grand Admiral turned to look at Belina. "Just so you know, you aren't the only ones being transfered to the Death's Head medical bays. Admiral Garja has informed me of the state of your medical bays. As we speak, I have shuttles bringing in the wounded to the Death's Head and the other ships that still have functioning medical bays."

A small smile appeared on the Grand Admiral's face. "In addition, it turns out that one of the Sith Ships that we captured was the flagship for this sector and a few others. I have slicer teams going through it's data and we're getting some valuable information regarding their fleet movements. In addition, we found a data file that you may find interesting"

"We now know what ships have sith spys on them. We know who they are. I have security teams rounding them up right now."

Belina smiled. "That's excellent news. Now we won't have to worry about our ships being sabotaged in the middle of a battle."


"He is an old enemy. A Sith who has the remarkable ability of staying alive. He was known as Tyrannus but I don't know if he goes by the same name. Tavaryn fought him and nearly lost his life trying to save Jedi Alriana."

Xandros's eyes suddenly narrowed. "This man tried to kill Alriana?" He asked quietly in a dangerous voice. "I think it's time I meet this..."Tyrannus" and show him why that was a bad idea on his part. As far as I'm concerned, she's still under my protection."

Ebon Hawk

I know you want to help and I won't say no. You do what is right moi chroi. I can't ask you to be less than what you are.

Alriana smiled. She turned to the intercom. "Andros. Can you bring us into the Station's Docking bay? I'm going to try and help Jun-la and Xandros."
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