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Ebon Hawk

Andros. Can you bring us into the Station's Docking bay? I'm going to try and help Jun-la and Xandros.

Andros replied, "No problem. Give me a moment." He maneuvered the ship towards the docking bay. It looked like they were going to be in the station for a while. That was fine since he had laser turrets operational and Kalla was mean with the quad laser cannons.

The ship made it in and Andros was a bit surprised that no defense systems were on but then again there were other means of defending a place. He landed and lowered the ramp. "We're docked. Good luck."

To Kalla he said, "Hey Sis, you wanna stay in the turrets just in case?"


I think it's time I meet this..."Tyrannus" and show him why that was a bad idea on his part. As far as I'm concerned, she's still under my protection.

Jun-la heard the tone. She was certain that if this Shinigami found out about Tavaryn and Alriana, there was going to be a show down of testosterone and she wasn't sure that would be good for certain expectant mothers. However this one didn't know and there was no reason to say anything. She replied, "I believe that he was after Tavaryn and she was trying to help him and ended up getting grabbed. I heard that sentou helped a great deal in that case."


Kage, formerly Tyrannus, looked at the cargo bay and at the child he found huddled there. While the merc was busy with the dark Jedi, he made his way in to see for himself. He found a Cathar child huddled and scared. He looked at it and said, "You are frightened child, why is that so?"

Death's Head

Tavaryn listened to the conversation as he gave a few tentative stretches. He may be up and running but it was clear that the Death's Head CMO was just as bad as the Ackbar's. He jerked away half a dozen times when they came near but was cooperative when they took the bioreadings from his powersuit. His thoughts were more on Alriana and what she was doing.

He knew she was going to do what she did best and that was help those that couldn't defend themselves. She was going to help. He would worry just as much as she would for him. He sent, I know you're going to help moi chroi. Just be careful.

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