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Station docking bay

"We're docked. Good luck."

Alriana quickly climbed out of the gun turrent and headed for the ramp as it began to open. She took a deep breath and reached out through the force to find out where everyone was.

Xandros and Jun-la were rapidly nearing the child who it seemed was surrounded by pirates and dark jedi...The cathar dark jedi was currently on the otherside of the station and was nearing the child but not as quickly.

She winced as she felt the deaths of the pirates that the cathar dark jedi was causing. She didn't know exactly why he was here but it was a good bet that it was something to do with the child.

Wait...Wait just a it possible that the two of them are related somehow?! I swear...sometimes the way the universe runs confuses me to no end...

I know you're going to help moi chroi. Just be careful.

She smiled for a brief second as she reached through the force and felt the cathar child hesitantly reach back through the force.

Don't worry, I promise I'll be careful. She sent back. I expect you to be careful as well.


"I believe that he was after Tavaryn and she was trying to help him and ended up getting grabbed. I heard that sentou helped a great deal in that case."

Xandros reached out through the force and sensed that they were getting closer to the child and the dark presence. There was another dark presence aboard the station as well...but if felt...conflicted. Like there was a battle going on between the dark and the light within the dark jedi.

"Still, I feel the need to show him the error of his ways. I was assigned to protect the jedi during the purge and I failed." A determined glint appeared in his eyes. "The less sith in this galaxy...the better."

"You are frightened child, why is that so?"

"Because I know that your trying to take me away...I don't want to go with you or the others! I want to go with the nice lady who said she'd help me. I can feel that there's something wrong with you and the other people here."
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