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TFU has some things in common with JK, but I don't really think it's adequate to say it's the same, anymore than Battlefront is similar to JK, or Republic Commando is similar.

Throwing people around with the Force in TFU/2 kind of reminds me of throwing people around with the Force in JK2/JKA but that's about it. Force Unleashed games to me feel a lot more scripted (and not just the QTE sequences), even though the primary "fun" in it are the destructable environments. Whereas JK has always been an FPS series with detailed melee combat (and let's face it, TFU's melee combat is pretty basic in comparison, though some might disagree when it comes to the Wii versions).

As far as the whole portable thing goes, I don't see why they can't port a game to the PC. I mean, you can play it on your laptop, right? But I'm not too thrilled about the dumbed down games that appear on smartphones and stuff (with the controls taking up half the screen, or looking like a flash game). Granted, there are tons of such games now and they've improved over the years, but still. Imagine a smart phone game where you wipe your fingers across the screen constantly to swing your lightsaber. Kinda fun for 5 minutes, but not worth an entire multi-hour campaign. The other type of game you're likely to see is a Super Star Wars type of trilogy with the buttons on the physical screen stuff. The PS Vita and the 3DS are still limited by the touch screen/ps2 style controller gameplay, which might work okay for TFU style games, so I could see that, but they don't work as well for FPS games, unless you do auto-aim and stuff like that.

The need to come up with some other options. The gaming market has moved steadily towards console gaming and towards a younger demographic in one area and the casual gamer market in another. There's still some in the middle, so I'm not sure what's going to happen there. Hopefully they throw us a bone before too long, though. There's money to be made off us, while we still have some.

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