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How did F2P go so wrong?

I let my sub drop 2 months ago and was going to come back and check out the F2P option, and man i hit the floor laughing my butt off lol. Man have bioware been paying attention to the market the last few years especially with guild wars 2 and Lord of the rings online out there.

They need to use guild wars 2 but more so lord of the rings online for a guide.
Lord of the rings online lets free players grind like mad for a few hours and unlock everything the paid players get for free. Your ridding skill takes longer as a free player. IN LOTRO you just grind starter area quests for the turbine points to unlock that. Bank tabs and auction house is limited for free players. Well you can grind that out in several hours as well and take that restriction off.

You have a gold cap as a free player in LOTRO guess what you can grind that cap off as well. In LOTRO if your a free player you can play the game to remove your restrictions how about Old republic get a brain and do that.

And yes i do buy items and points to buy other perks in these games. Because guild wars and LOTRO did give me a choice not just make the game so frustrating that i feel that i have to buy these things to compete. Actually i was really happy to buy things from them because they made it so inviting and didnt nerf me so i really wanted to buy this stuff from these guys to say thank you. With so many Competing MMOs out there this isnt the way to win people over to your side. The Dark side is very strong in you EA.

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