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Originally Posted by harIII View Post
Has anyone ever had any trouble with having scripts fire in KOTOR? For example I have a door that is locked and can only be open by a key. When you click on it to open, it will fire a script to do a few things to set up a dialog scene and do everything perfectly except to have the character talk to you, the character is a new companion. However if I push the tab (rotate the pc button), it will fire the dialog. Another thing happening is if you open up a placeable to grab it's inventory, it should spawn another placeable upon disturbing it's inventory, in theory anyways. In practice, nothing appears to happen. Does anyone know what is going on with these scripts?

In case it is of any insight I gave the files to Fallen Guardian who tested them for me and the dialog apparently work on his computer yet it still doesn't work on mine. Any ideas guys?
Well, I can't check it for you, but you might have the scripts in the wrong slots. That or you have those wonderful cases that I love so much:

The script that you've spent an hour debugging compiles, but only because you've made it so nothing happens in the script!

You might consider using the module's heartbeat script or item scripts, and involve:

if(GetIsOpen(object oDoor))
Or something like that, if everything hangs on the door.
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