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My rep class is a Scoundrel, and while the story took a nosedive after lvl 15, I really enjoy playing as a stealthy healer.

I'm no longer as certain that I will play a tank class (SI, BH, SW), because while I seem to be able to handle healing well enough, my occasional minor screw ups aren't as devastating as when a tank screw up (that, and I have no idea if I'll be any good at playing tank).

Also, I'm not sure I'll enjoy a non stealth class (BH, SW). It's really nice being able to flee from combat and then resurrecting the group, or to simply skip areas that aren't part of any quest.

That said, the only class I have decided almost for certain not to play is the BH. The main story simply doesn't interest me enough.

As for the agent, while I enjoyed the whole "we are the bureaucrats who has to clean up after the politicians" angle, the main missions so far are basically go there kill/coerce that. Why? Because it's for the good of the empire, an empire which I don't find all that believable. Basically, I like the "looking at SW" from a new angle, but I find it hard to see why my char would actually do the missions at all.

Anyways, still hoping that they'll eventually let me have more than 2 chars on a F2P account, but for now, I enjoy my smuggler well enough.

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