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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
I played the free. It's actually pretty robust for free. All the little things that add upare what got me back subbed. If you want all the perks, sub. it's not that much. If you want the perks without subbing, buy the cartel coins. If you want all the perks with no pay, and massive grinding involved... um... bye.
The grinding in lOTRO wasnt that bad it took me like 2 days of playing to unlock everything. And cant see this F2P model as far at all with me having both guild wars 2 and LORD of the rings online. And guild wars 2 has no restrictions at all and its totally free with a much larger and far more detailed more. And the flashpoint restrictions and hot bar restrictions are just plain silly. The game lacked end game content and updates came too late to keep subbing. Hell i paid for like 5 months that i didnt even play because i was so bored of Old republic. This free 2 play model is really new and the most restrictive that ive seen and thats why its not going to work. Yes the story is free but the story is why everyone left the game. They finish the story and say im bored and half the user base left.

Other than the story the max lvl content just wasnt enough to keep me. If im gonna sub ill go back to wow since the last expansion was on sale for 19 dollars which i bought but haven't resubbed yet. I dropped wow for old for 6 months but the game content ran out fast.
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