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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Choices in real life are illusions too, but they're still important and I certainly don't hold BioWare to any higher standard. Choices in RL are not illusions and I don't think there is anything to laugh about. There is absolutely nothing pleasant to see an employee lose his/her job and I always feel like s*** when it happens. For some people, one person making the wrong choice or pressing the wrong button can result in hundreds without a home in a few months or even become hungry...I rarely sleep well at night in fear of "pressing the wrong button"... but "making no choice" (choosing to let it go is also a choice) maybe even worse...

Anyway, as for gaming, I think ME3 ending has shown how they did not dare to make a choice in fear of displeasing someone in the fan crowd. So they left the choice to the player but in the end it was badly done and there were no real consequences contrary to the 16 different endings which were announced...everyone got about the same ending....even moreso for color blind players. So, for not daring to please someone, you might end up pleasing no one or so.
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